A downloadable game

A free skating toy that showers you in color and glitters!

Hold down S to charge up your spin!
Press W to switch color! Bullets can only pop the same colored balloons!
A and D to steer, LMB to shoot.


BallonPoppingParty.zip 17 MB


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This has a very fun and challenging movement system, combo with that awesome trail. I would love to see a movement system like this in another game.

Thank you ParkerAllen! I spent a lot of time working on the movement and weapon swap system, but struggled on designing a type of gameplay that works with it, so I went with the easy way out of a top down shooter, but then I ran out of time so I made a balloon popping game. 


I really enjoyed the game and I love the color and smooth animations!
The only problem I had was that the instructions were vague so it took me a while to find out how everything works, but the movement is so smooth and the game is so fun once you get the hang of it.

Thank you Ashkman! Good feedback on the instructions!


I love the movement and its spinny spins! I enjoyed this game!

Thank you SinigangShake! :)